Cancellation Policy

Where a booking is cancelled less than 7 days prior to arrival a fee equivalent to 1 nights accommodation will be charged as a cancellation fee.

There will be no refunds given for early departure.

Park Management reserves the right to relocate or cancel any booking at its discretion.

In the event that persons are evicted from the park due to a breach of the rules and conditions, they will not receive a refund of any fees paid and may be barred from returning to the park. It is management's intention to implement a no tolerance policy in regards to breaches of safety and noise rules within the park. It is the aim of management to develop a clean, friendly park for all to enjoy.

Pet Friendly Policy

Maldon Caravan Park is a pet friendly caravan park. Park Management has developed the following rules with pet owners to ensure the safety and comfort of all Park guests (including your pet).

  1. Pets permitted on camp sites only.
  2. Pets must be kept on leads that are secured or held at all times.
  3. Droppings must be cleaned up IMMEDIATELY, tied up in a plastic bag and placed in a bin.
  4. Noise must be kept to a minimum and pets MUST be kept quiet at night and early morning.
  5. Pets are not to be left in the park without their owners (tied up or otherwise).
  6. STRICTLY no pets allowed in the Amenities Block AT ANY TIME - the only exception is Guide Dogs.
  7. Cats are to be secured in your van or tent by dusk and must have a bell on their collar.
  8. Pet owners agree to accept full liability for any personal injury or damages caused by their pet (directly or indirectly) whilst in the confines of Maldon Caravan Park and agree to pay for any claims of compensation in relation to their pet or pets' activities and actions.

All visitors staying with pets will abide by these conditions at all times whilst in the Park. Management reserves the right to terminate your stay in the event of failure to comply (no refunds).

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